Yarker Residence

Embark on a captivating journey to 2323 Cressbrook Ave, where the allure of Thai-inspired design beckons. This thoughtfully designed gem invites you to experience a symphony of elegance and serenity, blending the essence of Thailand’s beauty with modern waterfront living.

  • Services used
    Renovation Design
  • Designed by
    Lisa Yarker
  • Status

Step inside and be embraced by the richness of heavy natural woods and earth tones that infuse every corner with warmth. The design pays homage to Thai aesthetics, masterfully weaving traditional elements into a contemporary canvas. Art takes center stage, seamlessly integrated to echo Asian influences, each piece an invitation to explore the nuances of culture and craftsmanship.

Poised gracefully along the waterfront, this residence offers more than just a view; it promises an experience. The open plan seamlessly connects living, kitchen, and dining spaces, creating a fluid harmony that invites togetherness and relaxation. The alfresco area becomes a sanctuary of its own, where the breeze whispers secrets of the water and sunsets paint the sky in hues that mirror the design’s earthy palette.

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