Derry Residence

Located in Peregian Springs on the stunning Sunshine Coast. This beautiful home stands unassumingly on a challenging sloping site, showcasing Lead Designer, Prue Emily Kan’s exceptional skill and ingenuity

  • Services used
    Building Design
  • Designed by
    Prue Kan
  • Status

A three-storey masterpiece, this design seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. One of its standout features is the beautiful outdoor entertaining area that overlooks the valley. This beautifully crafted space invites residents and guests alike to bask in the tranquillity of the surroundings while enjoying moments of relaxation and connection. Prue’s comprehensive understanding of the site’s unique characteristics are evident throughout the design, as every aspect has been thoughtfully curated to maximize the views and provide an exceptional living experience. With this creation, Prue has been successful in delivering a sanctuary that harmoniously blends with its environment and offers an elevated lifestyle experience on the Sunshine Coast.

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